My New Chicken Tractor!

Here it is folks!  My Chicken Tractor!

Proof that anyone can build one..this was built by myself and my 16 year old son..

neither of us have much handyman experience..Howard usually does all that...but he was insulating the basement..and gave us a few words of advice...and lots of encouragment! We started it Saturday..but weather being a factor..I didn't get it done until today...

Right Now it is housing the 4 Roosters I am fattening up for the freezer.. Well...ONE will be spared to keep the girls company..I have put in plenty of straw because it is getting cold at nights..and there are only 4, so they don't need much room..

Next Year it will house about a dozen birds up to their 12 th week of age..then layers will be removed and the rest fattened for the freezer...Now that I can build one..I might make another this size to fatten a couple of turkeys in Next Year!

We're OK

Quick update: We are still in Hawaii, so we're OK. We're not sure if we're going to go to American Samoa since an earthquake and tsunami hit there yesterday and there is a lot of devastation and deaths there. Our flight is supposed to leave tomorrow (Thurs.) for there and the airline is somehow still providing service. Tsunami warning was in effect for Hawaii yesterday, but we haven't seen anything.

The Hoona Kiss

We have different kinds of kisses in our house.

Apart from the normal everyday hello/goodbye/goodnight kiss, we have....

1) Duck Kisses which are usually only shared between Ducky and myself. This is when you kiss someone's cheek or forehead in a series of very quick, light, feathery kisses while moving your lips back and forth and around in little circles. Care must be taken to ensure that Duck Kisses do not become wet and/or sloppy. That means no giggling on the part of the Kisser. The Kissee may giggle as much as they like.

2) Butterfly Kisses, which I think most people know. But just in case you don't, it is when you put your eye close to someone's cheek and flutter your eyelashes against their skin.

3) Kissy-Cuddles are where you hug someone firmly and kiss their cheek at the same time. Variations include swaying, humming, dancing or rocking while hugging and kissing. Often reserved for those times when someone is hurt or sad.

4) The Tickly Kiss is self explanatory. Usually employed during times of silliness like 'happy hour' (the 15 minutes before bedtime that seem as long as an hour).

5) The Flerbert Kiss is a cross between a flerbert* and a kiss. Also used at 'happy hour'.

* This is what our family calls a "raspberry".

6) The Forever Kiss was Kitcat's idea. She started doing this when she moved from a cot into a big bed. Whenever I leaned over to tuck her in she would grab me around the neck, press a kiss into my cheek and giggle "You're staying here with me FOREVER!" (Usually the only way to escape is to reciprocate with a Tickly Kiss.)

7) The Ning-Ning is an accompaniment to a kiss. After kissing on both cheeks you then rub noses while saying "Ning-ning-ning-ning-ning." Giggles optional.

8) The Monster Kiss (Kissing Monster) - The kisser holds tightly to the kissee while kissing their cheek and/or forehead over and over and over and over and over, saying loudly "Ma! Ma! Ma!" with each kiss, until the kissee manages to escape (or get rescued), at which point the kisser turns into the Kissing Monster and chases the kissee all over the house and/or backyard in an attempt to keep kissing them.

9) Then we have The SuperKiss which was originally invented by HB when Possum and Dragon were little. The proper technique involves holding someone tightly, pressing your lips firmly onto the recipient's cheek and saying..........

"Mmmmm .. mmmmmm .. MMMMMMMM .. (pause for breath) .. mmmmm .. MMMMM .. mmmmmmMMMmm .. MMMmmm .. (take another breath) .. MMMMmm .. MMMM .. mmmmm .. MA!!!!!"

Simultaneously with the last "MA!!!" you theatrically let go and stagger backwards under the force of your kiss. (Recipients who are in-the-know also recoil at the same time.)

10) A new one! Teddy invented her own today at naptime. She grabbed my neck as I leaned over to tuck her blankie in and did a Super Kiss, a Forever Kiss and a Flerbert Kiss all at once.

"My goodness, what did you just do to me?" I asked her once I managed to disentangle myself from her embrace, and dry my face from the flerbert.

"I did a Hoona Kiss!" She told me gleefully.

Elephant Ears

We try to make Saturday morning a "Special Breakfast" day. This is the time I will bake cinnamon buns, white chocolate and raspberry muffins, giant breakfast cookies or something like that. We usually have it with lots of lovely fresh fruit. (which has often made me think I should change the name from "Special Breakfast" to "Expensive Breakfast".)

Over a year ago I saw a blog post featuring Elephant Ears. I printed the recipe but never actually got around to making them until now and they were a hit with the children although, when asked, HB said they were "Okay." (I think it was because at first he thought they looked like potato scallops with sugar on them!) Apparently these are a treat sold at fairs in America.

The original recipe says to roll the dough into balls the size of golfballs. I figured this would make each 'ear' about the size of a plate. I opted to make them quite a bit smaller, which meant more rolling and cooking, but they were much easier for the little girls to handle.

Mousie was my champion dough roller, and Possum outdid herself as chief Cinnamon-Sugar coater. I think it would be very time consuming to do this alone, so having a team of ready helpers made short work of it.

Here's the finished product - - and if you'd like to try them the recipe I used is here.

In the end, there were plenty of Elephant Ears for a breakfast feast (Dragon had at least 15 plus fruit) and all the Half-dozen voted to include them on our list of Expensive Special Breakfasts.

Hither, Yon.

Well, as Sam Gamgee said, I’m back.

For the last 16 days I was in the untractable wilderness of Southern Ontario – viewing corn farmers in their native habitat.

Also the more common sprawlus urbanissimus.

We had some serious fun in Ontario, mostly staying between London and Toronto, with a one-day frolic to Niagara Falls. My kind father-in-law rented us a car for us to use, and we put 2,000 kilometers on it! Yeah!

We are museum people, so we did quite a lot of that. The Royal Ontario Museum:

Biodiversity (very interactive, kids loved the foxes’ tunnel system)


Dinosaurs (“thank you Mummy, but I have seen quite enough bones”):


and a King Cobra (“Look scared baby!”)


We loved the “Stairway of Marvels” or whatever they’re calling it – spent quite a bit of time at the toy soldiers:


and the ROM had the Dead Sea Scrolls while we were there, which was cool if you’re a religious person but otherwise, you can probably give it a miss. Especially if you have young children, because look what will happen to them by the end.


We spent a couple of days in St Jacob’s, which is amazing and lovely, but has gotten a little commercial since I was last there 13 years ago. The farmers’ market is worth going to, on Thursdays and Saturdays, when the Mennonite farmers bring their quilts, jam, bread, sausages, and all manner of good things to sell. Here is the parking lot:


And while in St Jacob’s we visited the Maple Syrup Museum of Ontario – yeah baby!


I like this picture, a cross-section of a sugar bush maple, taps clearly visible.


We saw the Toronto Zoo, where we sat in the underwater viewing area while the polar bears were being fed:


…and the kids got to ride a camel.


The London Children’s Museum was a big hit, especially the “Street Where I Live” exhibit, where kids could put on real firefighter’s gear, carry a Canada Post mailbag, and get a glimpse of the possible drudgery coming their way…if you don’t study hard, kids.


And we learned about one of Canada’s heroes…the indomitable Laura Secord, venerated here not far from Brock’s Monument.


There are dozens more pictures, but I’ll spare you.

I did a bunch of knitting while I was there, but can’t show you any of it as it’s all for Christmas (three months from yesterday, if you’re wondering).

How have YOU been?

Aloha and Tālofa!

We're off to Hawaii, American Samoa and Western Samoa for the next 2 1/2 weeks. If you're there, see you soon! If not, see you later!

Chocolate Boutique

This cute chocolate shoppe is a few blocks from my house. It looks so perfect inside -- white carpet, glass cases, chandelier, platinum-bob-haired shop owner. And the toile wrapping is so charming.

Maybe this place only seems cute because it's in Buenos Aires ... it IS the typcial kind of boutigue-y store I might see in historic Leesburg, Middleburg or Purcellville (VA). Hm.

Speech Therapy and Hearing Test Updates

In my mid-year general update I mentioned that Mousie was doing really well with her speech therapy. The therapist had finally made her a priority and we were going regularly to sessions, as well as practising almost daily at home.

What I didn't realise was the reason why Mousie was suddenly such a priority - the therapist was pregnant and went on maternity leave at the end of August (she is one of those pregnant women who didn't show until she was about seven and a half months, and I thought she was only about 3 or 4 months!) That wasn't the only reason she was eager to get Mousie's speech problems sorted out .... she also knew that once she went on maternity leave there would be no other speech therapists at the hospital. Of the other three who used to work there, two went interstate and the other started on long service leave.

So we were left without a speech therapist again! Luckily I managed to get a local (well, if you consider a 40min drive to be 'local') private speech pathologist to take Mousie on short notice (meaning that she let her jump the waiting list, which was about 9 months long!) and she has started having weekly sessions again. The problems with this are that:-

1) This speech pathologist will not take all three girls in a group, as they were doing at the public hospital. So while Mousie will (hopefully) continue to improve, Teddy and Kitcat are in limbo again until the public hospital can find some new speech therapists to employ.

2) The new speech pathologist uses a different system/approach which Mousie has to adapt to very quickly.

3) She has to adapt quickly to the new approach because our health fund only pays $300 per year for speech pathology, and when you take into account the cost of each session it means she will only be able to have about 5 or 6 sessions before our benefit cuts out.


Around the middle of the year Kitcat had a routine hearing test - all children who have started speech therapy are asked to have one. We figured it was just a formality because she had shown no signs of hearing problems. So we were shocked and troubled to find she had a significant hearing loss!

She was recently retested, and you can imagine our relief when the results were perfectly normal. The audiologist said the first test was probably incorrect as Kitcat is only young and maybe she didn't understand the testing procedure very well.


Teddy has also had a final hearing test - " final " because it is finally a normal result. For once she didn't have any fluid in her ears, and she did not show any signs of low frequency hearing loss which her 5 previous tests had indicated. The audiologist said that because Teddy is bigger now her Eustachian tubes may have just started draining fluid more efficiently.


So, we are pleased with the normal hearing test results, but not so pleased with the state of speech therapy services in Canberra.

We are happy that Mousie was taken under the wing of the private speech pathologist, but no so happy with the fact that our health fund only offers such a ridiculous amount of benefit for what is often a condition which requires long term treatment.

And we are very glad that Mousie is doing so well with her speech therapy, but a bit worried that the slight progress made by Teddy and Kitcat will be undone by having to wait, once again, for speech therapy services through the public system.

Gaslight Anthem in Portland

Last night I was back up in Portland again to see Gaslight Anthem at Berbati's Pan. It was another really great show! Gaslight Anthem is a New Jersey rock/punk band with a clear Springsteen influence. The lead singer has a great, soulful, slightly gravelly voice, and their lyrics are pure rock n roll poetry. Much like Springsteen, their songs tend to tell stories.

Once again, the Portland crowd didn't disappoint, dancing wildly and shouting the lyrics along with the band. There was limited moshing, as Berbati's is pretty small, and I managed to keep myself out of the pit. It was really hot, though. Someday I'll go to a venue in Portland that has discovered air conditioning.

Kind of a frustrating ride on Willow tonight. Oh, well, it never hurts to get a lesson in humility. And tomorrow is another day.

Double Up

Don't you just love wearing panties over your thong?

Natural Fruit Fly Solution!

Natural Fruit Fly Solution!

This was submitted to me by my cousin..Our mothers were sister..but my mother having passed whil I was young..I missed this "Old Timer" triick!
Thanks Jane!

I have this nifty little thing that mom used to do in canning season. It was passed down from her mom and so on...... This year was a very bad year for the dreaded fruit fly'.

 Easy answer. Just sit this on your counter or window sill.

1 old jar with lid

1/2 cup any vinegar (I prefer cider)


1 -poke a couple of small holes in the lid

2 -pour the vinegar in

3 -watch the little bums get drunk and fall back in and croak.

4 -empty was and refill when needed.

There is also the Fruit Fly Funnel...
But I like the jar lid better...

Church Smooch

A lovely church we saw in San Telmo, an area of Buenos Aires.

But wait, what's that going on there in the foreground?

Another look ...

They DO say Argentines are a passionate people.

Cotter Reserve

Late Winter delivered to Canberra some beautiful, sunny, crisp days. Luckily for us, HB had a string of Saturdays with no work commitments. (It was a very short string, however.)

On one of these free Saturdays HB suggested a trip to nearby Cotter Reserve for a BBQ lunch. The Half-dozen were thrilled at this suggestion as there is a fantastic playground complete with a basketball hoop and 'difficult' equipment for the older children. I liked the idea because there is a beautiful walk along the river, and because HB was going to organise and cook the food.

While he was cooking our sausages we noticed that we were attracting the attention of some friendly locals.These crimson rosellas were very interested in our bread (they liked the multigrain bread better than the wholemeal.) They were so interested they ate right out of our hands.The native wood ducks were not as trusting. They were happy to take our bread from us too ..... as long as we let go of it first. Ducky had a good 'conversation' with this duck, assuring him we would not hurt him, but he was still wary.A family of magpies also became interested in our BBQ, but they didn't want bread. They wanted meat, or at least the fat from the lamb chops. A couple Currowongs tried to hustle in on their turf, but they were quickly dispatched by the magpies. After lunch we went for a stroll along the Cotter River. When you find tree stumps beside the path what do you do? Pose on them for a family photo, of course.
And when you find a wombat Bunyip hole, you gather around the entrance for another photo. I like this photo, from left ....

Teddy: "If I jump on Possum's back the Bunyip won't see me."

Possum: "Are you sure you can see how big this Bunyip hole is?"

Dragon: with frozen grin, thinking.... "Just take the photo, will ya'?"

Kitcat: "Oooooo I can't look! The Bunyip might come out! Arrrrgggggghhhhhh!"

Ducky: "Shhh! The Bunyip might hear you Kitcat.'

Mousie: "Aren't I cute?"
And then what do you do when you've had lunch, fed the birds, walked the path, played on the equipment and made the traditional trek to the toilet block only to have little girls declare that the toilets "..... are soooooo disgusting, I'm not using that!" ???

Well, then you pile back into the new-ish 4WD and head for home.

Mum-me: "Hang on, HB. You missed the turn. Home was the other way!"

HB: with a cheeky grin. "I want to show you something."

So off we went - far, far, far into the Brindabella Mountains. Over bumpy, single lane roads which had not been traversed for many, many years months. Where there is a steep drop on one side, a mud bank on the other, and nowhere to go except straight ahead.
We followed this dirt track in circles for what seemed like many hours, until we came to a clearing which afforded us a view of Black Mountain and Telstra Tower far, far, far, away on the horizon.
The only problem was that our house was far, far on the other side of that tower.

It was a long drive home, but HB was in a good mood and bought us fish and chips for dinner.

My NEW more STABLE incubator

Well first incubator was too deep to get the temperature I used the same pinrciples..and built a smaller one with a is its!

It is smaller and only needs a 25 watt bulb and computer fan to keep it at a steady 102 Degrees F.

You can't see it but in the bottom is a shallow dish with water in it for humidity.
I went to a neighbours farm today..and found that she was not using or eating her bantamn eggs...They SHOULD be fertile..but I don't know for sure..but she gave me 4 for a trial run.

They are marked with and X on one side and an O on the other..( Using a soft graphiote pencil as not to mess with shell integrity)..they will be turned over every 8 hours..I have chosen times I am always up..6 am..2 pm and 10 pm...the X's and O's will help me to rememeber when they were turned.
Wish me luck!


I never saw that movie, but this reminds me of the posters.

I was walking down the sidewalk by my house the other night and saw this. This was right after Stephanie was posting about vintage Pyrex, and I thought this photo was of some long-lost Pyrex pattern! But alas, twas not. But it still was an unusual little memento laying there on the nighttime sidewalk.

Birthdays and Broken Bones

A certain man I know has recently had a certain 'significant' birthday.
(I'll give you a clue - count the number of candles on the 'cake' and multiply by 10.)
HB didn't want a fancy birthday party. He didn't even want any presents. That's not because he was worried about the steep downhill slide on the other side of the hill turning 40. It was because he decided to buy his own birthday gift - some new trombones.

He had planned to take the whole family out to our favourite restaurant for dinner, and then have a weekend away at the beach the next time he actually gets a whole weekend off work.

I had planned to make him a fabulous Black Forest birthday cake and decorate the house with '40' paraphernalia (just to remind him how old he is how much he is loved.)

But poor HB didn't get any of these things. I had allowed myself 2 days preparation, and the actual day to assemble all the items ready for his homecoming from work. But instead of baking cakes, making frosting and buying streamers and balloons, I found myself sitting in the Emergency Department at the local hospital with Dragon. Waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting ......

Oh, and waiting a bit more.

On Tuesday at lunchtime I received that phone call that mothers everywhere dread. You know the one that starts like this
"Hello Mrs Half-dozen this is the school nurse. I have Dragon here with me in the sick bay........."
She suspected he had a broken arm.

So I hurried to the school, worried but at the same time reminding myself that last month they said he had a dislocated thumb (and it wasn't) and once before that they said he'd cracked a rib (and he hadn't.)

Well, she was wrong this time too. He had not broken his arm. He had broken his wrist AND possibly his elbow. The doctor was quite impressed. He said it was very unusual to break both wrist and elbow at the same time!

So, I spent the time I would have been shopping for party supplies sitting in the hospital with Dragon. They x-rayed his whole arm and then put him in a half-arm back slab up to his finger knuckles, and told him to keep his elbow bent, still and supported in a sling.We were told the orthopedic specialist from the hospital would call us the next day to make an appointment to see Dragon on Thursday. So while I waited for that phone call I did all my usual Wednesday morning chores and when Kitcat settled down for a nap I mixed up the chocolate cake which would become the two layers in HB's Black Forest cake.

About 5 minutes before the cakes were done the phone rang. It was not the Orthopedic Specialist. It was Dr R who had seen Dragon in the ED the day before. "I've just been talking to the specialist and he says you need to bring Dragon to the ED right now. He wants him to be in a full arm bandage. I'll tell the Plaster Room nurse you'll be here within the hour."

So luckily the cakes finished baking, and cooled enough to remove from the pans, while I woke up Kitcat and rang HB to tell him what was going on. We rushed down to the ED, only to be met by Nurse Grumpy.

"Dr R said to come straight down and get Dragon in a full arm plaster." I breathlessly informed her.

"Fill out the form and take a seat." She said as she pushed a clipboard towards me.

"I already did that yesterday. Dr R said the Plaster Room Nurse would be waiting for us."

"Fill out the form and take a seat," she repeated.

So I filled out the form again and took it back to her. "Dr R rang me less than half an hour ago and said to get down here straight away becau......"

"Take a seat and the triage nurse will call you soon." She monotoned at me.

"Can you please page Dr R and ask ....."

"Take a seat and the triage nurse will call you soon."

"But ....."

"Take a seat and the triage nurse will call you soon," she insisted as her pupils turned into glowing red pinpricks of light.

So we sat and waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Then HB arrived. Luckily just in time for me to collect Teddy from pre-school, the other children from school and take Ducky to ballet. HB stayed with Dragon and later said that the Plaster Room Nurse wandered in from another direction saying "I'm looking for Dragon Half-dozen. He needs a full arm back slab." So he came home with this.Anyway, after taxiing children around all afternoon I missed the opportunity to buy the necessary ingredients to turn plain chocolate cake into Black Forest cake. "No matter", I thought, "I'll just get them first thing in the morning and put it all together later on after Dragon's appointment."

Just then the phone rang. It was the receptionist from the Orthopedic Specialist's office. She said, "I'm calling with Dragon's appointment. Please arrive at 9am and be prepared to be here all day and possibly all night too."

What!!! That's an appointment time???

"Oh," she continued, "And tell Dragon not to eat anything after a light breakfast at around 7am. He may need surgery."

Oh great.

So I spent the evening packing books, colouring pencils, paper, small games, and lots of snack food for Kitcat because she would have to accompany me and Dragon the next day. And it was just well I did because we were there all day. We got to see the Orthopedic Specialist, only to find out that he was the Intern, not the Registrar, so he had to report back to his 'boss', which meant more waiting for us. When we were finally seen again we were told,

1) Dragon doesn't have a broken wrist, he has a broken growth plate in his wrist. This can be bad as if it doesn't heal properly he may need surgery further along the track.

2) Dragon's elbow was indeed broken ("See that long, wiggly line going from the bottom of the elbow joint right up to nearly the top?" he gleefully showed us) but the good news was it would not need surgery - unless it didn't heal properly in a cast.

3) Dragon would need a full arm cast with a sling, and we had to come back in two weeks to play the waiting game again.

But the waiting game wasn't over for us that day yet either. Apparently it had been a bumper week for broken elbows and the Plaster Nurse had quite a queue. She told us to go for a walk for about an hour and check back to see how she was going with the other patients.When it was our turn Kitcat further complicated things by hi-jacking the nurse's work stool, who thought she was just so cute and spent a while playing kootchie-koos with her. When the nurse and her assistant managed to turn their attention to Dragon he was sporting this full arm, fibreglass, waterproof cast and sling in no time at all.
So, by the time we got out of the hospital Black Forest cake was just not going to happen. We stopped at Krispy Kreme and bought a variety box of doughnuts. When I got home I cut them all in half and 'made' HB a rather pathetic 40th Birthday cake. (It tasted great, though!)HB had had a bad day at work, as well as having to leave early again (3rd day in a row - the boss just loves our family!) to collect the other children from school. We hadn't made reservations at the restaurant because we didn't know if Dragon had to have surgery and stay overnight at the hospital. Neither of us felt like going out for dinner, or preparing dinner at home. But children get hungry and need feeding.

Hooray for high school cooking lessons! Possum cooked us hashbrowns and egg cases for dinner. (The egg haters in the family just had some noodles instead.) I slapped some chocolate fudge icing and chocolate sprinkles on one of the chocolate cake layers for dessert. So it wasn't much of a birthday celebration for HB, but we will try to remedy that on the weekend.

Unfortunately for Dragon, his troubles did not end with two broken bones. That night he started breaking out in a rash which the doctor thinks is Chicken Pox (despite the fact that he had the vaccine when he was 3 years old and has survived Chicken Pox outbreaks every single spring since then!) and he also managed to pick up a conjunctivitis bug from somewhere (at the hospital, I suspect.)
Poor Dragon! I am amazed he could still smile.

Now I know some people will be interested in knowing how Dragon managed to suffer such an injury at school. It was an innocent game of soccer. He and a friend both tried to kick the ball. Dragon tripped and stretched out his arm to break his fall. At the same time as his hand touched the ground a girl (much heavier than him) fell on his outstretched arm. (He always knew girls were dangerous.) When he returned to school today he didn't even have the compensation of getting out of schoolwork - the teacher said he could use the class laptop until his arm healed. Poor Dragon - it had been his one consolation. But now that he has Chicken Pox he has to stay away from school for a week. I guess he will have to keep up with his class at home.

Fast Car

This taxi driver and this car don't really match. I mean, look at the guy ... and his wood-bead seat cover ... and then check out his pimped out race car ride -- look at all those dials! The racing-style steering wheel! And a GPS, just in case he veers off the race track.

Carmen Shandiego

OntarioBatch1 147

Free Gluten!!!!

Because I was getting tired of paying for it ...

Flogging Molly in Portland

Yesterday a friend and I drove up to Portland to see Flogging Molly at the Roseland Theatre. They're a Celtic punk band with some of the most awesomely danceable music I've ever heard. The Roseland is a pretty intimate venue; the show was sold out, and I'd guess there were about 500-600 people on the main floor. There were two opening acts, and the crowd was appreciative but fairly laid back. My friend and I were in the middle of the crowd, about thirty feet in front of the stage.

Around 10 p.m. Flogging Molly took the stage and launched into their first song. The crowd immediately erupted into a close approximation of a prison riot.

Sometimes, you don't choose to mosh, the mosh chooses you.

My friend and I were at ground zero of a fairly sizable mosh pit, and for the next fifteen minutes I just tried to keep my feet under me. It was insane. I'd fought really hard to get as close to the stage as I was, though, so I wasn't giving up so easily. And, actually, it was pretty fun. I just went with the flow. Band leader Dave King presided gleefully over the mayhem.

After about three songs exhaustion started to set in, and except for a small pit right in front of the stage, most everyone dialed it back a notch -- still a crazily energetic crowd, but with less slamming back and forth. It was incredibly hot and humid. I wondered a few times if I would feel anything before I passed out, or if I would just hit the floor, but happily I never lost consciousness. It was such a great show, and the band played a ton of songs plus one encore.

As the crowd exited the venue, I noticed that everyone was so sweaty we looked like we had all been sprayed with a fire hose. I was actually wringing sweat out of my hair. I know, gross. I am relatively undamaged today -- just some bruises on my arms, ribs, and feet. And if I ever get to see FM again, I will be prepared with:

    Steel-toed boots
    Change of clothes (mine were drenched)

If you ever have the chance to see them, and you can leave your personal space issues at home, go!

Useful websites!
This website is local to Wakefied Quebec and offers Courses on " the forgotten Arts!
This Website is Also Local to Wakefield area and offers organic garden seed!
This website is for Urban homesteads and country folk alike!
This Blog has an AMAZING post on indoor composting!

Here is a good link on how to plant you 3 sisters garden!

Sleeping On A Shelf

Some of you may know of Neil's shelf-sleeping days. Anyway, if he can't sleep on a shelf anymore, he'll make sure our pets can.

I came home the other day and he'd created these little nests for the cat and the dog, complete with light-blocking shades. This bookshelf is opposite his desk, since the pets like to hang out with him while he does school online during the day.

Home Among The Gum Trees II

After reading my post about Ducky's "Home Among the Gum Trees" project, Bethany suggested a video of my girls singing the song. Ducky thought this was a great idea, so last weekend we started recording.

Watch Kitcat closely to see what she does when she gets a little bored about halfway through the first performance (60 seconds in.)
The girls wanted me to record it a second time - after they had rehearsed a bit more. The second version is better, but I had to include the first version too!

The lyrics Ducky had trouble remembering both times was "After tea we'll settle down beside the hitching post and watch the wombats play." The lyrics she is learning at school are slightly different to those in the original.

Now here's the original version, sung by John Williamson and set to Australiana photos by someone called Amanda.

We Miss You

Dear Ne Ne,

Not that you will see this message, since you don't read my blog. But we miss you already. Hope VA treats you well! Bring me back some goodies, please :) All the best to MJ and Jeremy and all my love to our fam and friends you'll visit. XXooOOoxxOxoxxXo!