Philly Bon Bons

Philly Bon Bons

These are a Traditional Holiday treat from my childhood.  Although when mum made them..they were white.  And not having the original recipe..this is MY recipe..and is close to the original as I could figure.


Flour, Philadelphia cream cheese....Icing sugar and shredded coconut..and obviously food colouring.

Cream Together brick of cream cheese
2 cups icing sugar
1/2 cup coconut
and colouring

With a wooden spoon thoroughly mix in 1 and 1/2 cups flour.
The dough will be soft..but this is a refrigerator cookie and will firm up when chilled.
Dump remaining coconut in a seperate bowl.

Using a teaspoon drop a half teaspoon or so of dough into bowl of coconut and gently agitate bowl until ball is covered. Place cookie in a little foil cup and repeat.

Like I said these are a refridgerator cookie..but I keep them in the freezer until time to bring out..
Bonne Appetite!

Wolf Holler Rocky Road Jars..make a GREAT gift!

Wolf Holler Rocky Road Jars are something I like to give as small gifts at Christmas time...Its fun and  easy to make.  You assemble the jar and attach the recipe...all the receiver need do is add Peanut butter and butter and mix it up! 

Are you ready? Here Goes!

Ingredients! can actually use many things in this rocky road..but two ingredients should NEVER vary..and thats the mini marshmellows and chocolate chips!  Without them you have no rocky road...This year my other two ingredients are chipit toffee pieces and walnuts...these can be substitutes with your favorite nuts..and a variety of other  things such as coloured chips..or butterscotch chipits.

You will also need some one litre mason jars and screw down lids.

Some paper muffin cups and a canning funnel helps.

Pour into jar 3/4 cup of walnut pieces...1/2 cup if you are in the US and using Quart jars as they are smaller.

Then 3/4 ( or 1/2) cup Toffee bits! Being careful to not MIX the two layers.

Then..using the canning funnel..pour in mini marshmellows to overflowing!
This is to create pressure and hold the layers together once the marshmellows are pushed down.

Then..Gently using a paper muffin cup to create a down the mini marshmellows..creating JUST enough space for the chocolate chips!

Then top with 1 to 1 and 1/2 cups of chocolate chips..this year I am using semi-sweet.  Make sure the chips are level with jar top.

Screw on lid securely..then cover top with a circle of wrapping paper or holiday fabric..and tie on with a ribbon..Print off the directions and tie to the jar with ribbon and put a name tag on it for who it is for!

This Recipe says...

" Wolf Holler Rocky Road"
It's EASY!
In a double boiler melt 1/2cup of smooth peanut butter and 1 TBS butter or margerine.
Add the chocolate chips from top of jar. Stir until melted smoot.
Remove from heat and allow to cool ..but not enough to SET.
In a seperate bowl pour the remaining contents of jar.Pour cooling melted mixture over dry ingredients.  Stir until dry ingredients are completely covered.  Press into 8" square buttered cake pan. Chill THOROUGHLY until set. Slice into squares!
Merry Christmas!

The reason the melted mixture has to cool so that it does NOT melt the marshmellows.  Again..This makes a great gift for teachers..bus drivers...neighbours...anyone really! I try ..the operative word her is keep a few jars handy for unexpected visitors that you would like to gift.

Hope you enjoy this treat..which has quickly become a holiday tradition in my house!


Something scary for Halloween

A habitual bolter or a habitual rearer: which is scarier? It's a tie as far as I'm concerned. But there's something worse: flippers. Sometimes horses rear, lose their balance (especially if the rider pulls on their face), and fall over backwards. That's not flipping. A true flipper does what this horse does (BTW, pay no attention to the "Man dies!" description. It's perfectly obvious no one is even hurt.):

I'd never actually seen a true flipper in action. You can see from body language that both the groom and the jockey have a pretty good idea of what's coming, although it's interesting that the horse never really lays his ears back. Is it possible to rehab a horse that does something like that?

The Incubator worked!

Here it is folks!

Only One egg Hatched...But I have hopes for the spring..this was a test case for the incubator.

Working hard!

16 hours later...

Meet Nugget...A banty chick no bigger than a ping pong ball!


Home Made Sausage Patties!!

I don't know about you folks..But I like to know whats in my food as much as I started making my own sausage meat...I didn't raise the meat..but for the most part..I know the ingredients.

Sausage Patties


7 pounds extra lean ground pork and poultry ( FRESH NEVER FROZEN!!!)
( I use about 2/3rds pork to 1/3 ground chicken or turkey)
3 Large onions..minced and lightly sauteed ( set aside to cool)
2 level TBS sage
2 Level TBS ground black pepper
3.5 TBS Sea Salt
1/2 cup parsley..either dried or fresh chopped.

Mix thoroughly with hands until all spices and onions are well incorporated.
Roll into balls and flatten into patties...Stack patties seperated by small pieces of parchment paper...wrap, label and freeze!!

I do mine in packages of 4 as we use them a lot for breakfast.

Reinventing the wheel.

My cousin came to my door the other day with her favourite sweater in hand. "I was at a client's," she said, "and her cat chewed a hole in it."

She was very specific - she wasn't asking me to fix it, she was asking me to show her how to fix it, but...this is a beginning knitter, never darned a stitch in her life, talking to me about a hole in her sweater. Just the thought of explaining exactly how to do it made me tired. I did try, but after a few minutes I said "Y'know what? leave it with me."

I pulled it out this afternoon and examined it, reflecting with a frown that I don't think I have anything remotely like this yarn in the stash...I'm certainly not going to use contrasting yarn...what to do, what to do.

Wait a second - do I have roving in this colour? I'm pretty sure I do.
So now I can say I've drafted, spindle-spun, and plied a .7 meter long piece of Twist of Fate top in order to fix a cardigan bearing this tag:
(Made in China. By Joe. 70% acrylic, 20% wool, 5% mohair, 5% alpaca. At least they got 30% of it right.)

That's me: needlessly complicating things for over 30 years. A fine tradition of pointless excellence.

It's Gone

This was Dragon at the height of his chicken pox outbreak. He had his own special 'throne' (part of the sofa covered with an old sheet) which was the only place he was allowed to sit, because the calamine lotion had to be applied everywhere.
Despite having his right wrist fixed in one position, Dragon still managed to train, catch and battle Pokemon on his Gameboy. Unfortunately, playing Gameboy was one of the few activities Dragon was allowed to do while his arm was in the cast. He eagerly awaited the day it would be removed.

The day finally arrived. (Yesterday)

We were pleased that, unlike all our other appointments at the hospital, we were called in almost on time! No waiting for hours and hours, which was very nice. The nurse gave Dragon a quick explanation about what she would do, demonstrated the circular saw, made him don earmuffs to block out the noise and then set straight to work.
Dragon said it tickled. I have no doubt it did, but I think most of his glee stemmed from the knowledge that he would very soon be rid of that cast!
And doesn't he look pleased to have that cast somewhere else besides on his arm?
The nurse was impressed with the range of movement he displayed immediately after she removed the cast. The doctor was similarly impressed, so much so that he decided Dragon would not need any further x-rays to determine that the breaks were completely healed. It was rather obvious to him that Dragon's wrist and elbow were working just as they should.

The doctor gave some strict instructions about how long Dragon should wait until he started playing any sports. He encouraged him to do as much swimming (breaststroke only) as he wanted but other sports like judo, soccer, basketball etc would have to wait for about three weeks until the full range of movement was restored to his joints. Dragon asked the doctor "What do you mean?" And the doctor answered, "When you can comfortably stretch your elbow out straight, then bend it fully to touch your shoulder. And when you can twist your wrist around completely so your palm faces the ceiling and then faces the ground - then you will have the full range of movement back. It will take about 3 weeks."

This was Dragon about 5 minutes after we arrived home, "Look mum, I have the full range of movement back in my arm. Can I go ride my bike now?"Needless to say HB and I are having a tough time trying to convince Dragon that he really does need to take it easy for 3 weeks.

And what did he do with his old cast?

He hung it off the mini basketball hoop in his bedroom - like some sort of trophy.


Psssst! Anyone want a new rug? I have a giveaway coming up next week so keep an eye out.

Maui and the Big Island

The bottom of Seven Sacred Pools waterfalls and hike on Maui.

The freshwater runs into the ocean here.

On the hike with Jay and Sara. Such fun hanging out with old friends. Later on, Jay took spme pics from here of Neil and I sitting at the top of the waterfall in the background!

This is one of those pics; we are the tiiiinnnyy people sitting on the rock; some dumb kids came up to look over the edge (and ruin our picture; AND totally freak me out that they might fall). They're the ones standing.

The reward at the end of the hike -- the start of the falls!!!!

Everyone needs a sexy pose under a waterfall. Or at least Neil does.

Throwing my PhotoPoly shaka.

We camped with Jay and Sara, and these are pics they took with their camera at night.

Their big truck and tent on the left, our tent and glaring rental on the right. They swung a nightlight around for the effect here. Pretty sweet!

OK, this kid was a BABY -- he couldn't talk, and the lady (his tutu?) fed him from a bottle and burped him, but CHECK HIS HAIR!!!! Whaaat? Even a Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant walking by stopped to coo over him and said, in true Pidgin, "He get plenny hair, yeah?!"

Waikiki, on our way to the Big Island.

On the Big Island of Hawaii, steam vents on the volcano.

I thought the volcano would be like this definite peak, with lava shooting out, but it's really such a huge island and such a gradual slope, there is no "peak" sticking up. It's more like a vast, desolate wasteland of lava field, with craters.

OK, seriously, next post -- hot lava. I just loaded those pics from the other camera, so I will post those next time.

OK, OK, sneak preview:

Cold lava.

Getting warmer.

Getting hot.

Eruptions to come in the next post!